Saturday, September 3, 2016

Riding tip #8 - Riding Moguls

The difference between skiing moguls and euc riding moguls
 is that you must have pressure on the toes to make it go forward!

note that in the video above I tried to go as SLOW as possible
I bend a bit too much forward because of my arthrosis in the left hip

For the best mogul skiiers riders the head is at the same level at all time!
BUT for euc I am not 100% sur because of the need to press down in
the toes to go up over the bump while riding slowly ..
so partly you have to press down as well,

but most probably not as much as in the video
A tip is to always ride the speedbumps in the city and work on the technique!
When riding 1 speed bump in high speed is also VERY different from
riding slow in these big ones with several boguls in a row

check out Alexander Bilodeau at the olympics 2010 
especially @ 00:35 - 00:42

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