Saturday, May 23, 2020

Riding tip #49-back to the basics – monoski style

this riding tip is a little simple practice to get a sense for breathing, shifting the weight and sinking down and raising up ...for carving monoski style

first look at these videos to get a sense of what monoski is 
(look especially at 00:52)
(look especially at 01:40)

courbasses - toujours!

then check this one out for holding the hands and planting the poles :
it is a clip from World Mogul Freestyle Champion Patrick Deneen

and her  comes my riding tip

and the short video tutorial ...

and you do not have to go fast to get the rythm of  breathing in, planting the pole, sinking down and breathing out ... just relax and bend the knees!

of course, while riding "for real" you will not use the poles and you can be much more playful with the hands and arms, but getting back to the basics and "planting the poles" gives you a sense of calibration and you can get rid of a lot of "bad habits"

more tutorials on this:

Riding tip_#38_what the heck is wrapping the knees???

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